Liverpool Architecture Festival – Design Charrette
September 2021

In 2021 ABW were happy to take part in the inaugural Liverpool Architecture Festival.
As part of the festival, ABW submitted an entry to the ‘Mind the Gap’ Deign Charrette; which invited local architects to reimagine overlooked urban environments in the Liverpool City Region.
ABW was challenged to create a proposal for the Stella Precinct in Seaforth. The scale and type of this proposal was open, but the emphasis was to be on community, climate, and re-use.

“Our proposal will re-enforce the existing community through use of existing facilities and providing a people centred approach to place making. It will reinvent the local centre, reduce travel and provide a new typology for a post-pandemic era. Bringing people together and increasing activity to form a self-perpetuating and sustainable model for a local centre. Bringing local government to the high street to make it more accessible to the people whom they serve, increase of population density at local centres, particularly for third generation housing so they are included at the heart of community and for ease of access to focused facilities.
This model could be replicated across other centres. A space that is attentive to a multi-generational population to counter isolation and support networks.”